Holborn Viaduct experiment

The "Holborn Viaduct experiment" is a visualization of datas in a flow using sounds and motion graphics. I separated my working process in 3 steps proper to information design :
RECORDING (live datas) > ANALYSIS (feedback) > VISUALIZATION (outcomes)
The first part is a video record of 1 minute of the flow of cars at the crossroads of Holborn Viaduct, Newgate st., Old Bailey and Giltspur st. using 3 stripes recording the datas according to the size, the speed and the nature of the different vehicules.
The second part is the analysis of this collection of datas. The differents types of vehicles are classified and ranked according to the sounds and the video.
Finally, differents outcomes using sounds and motion graphics (2D/3D) or either a printed version which summarize the analyze of datas.

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