Re-opening - YEAR 2 Researches

I'm re-opening this blog, sharing new ideas and researches I'm doing at the moment.

Here we go :

1 - Live 3D Mapping using OpenFrameworks, Processing, a camera and a projector.
Using homebrew (from Kyle McDonald) software to capture depth images of still and moving scenes.

My own pictures of the installations and first experiments will be pubished in a new post soon.

2 - Sub orbital balloon.
DYI Power = GPS Tracking + Arduino + GoPro HD + Weather Balloon

3 - Eye writer - Game Engine with Blender

I'm really interested in the eye writer technology and working at the moment with Blender's game engine to create a 3D environment controlled without any pad, mouse or keyboard. News soon.
I'm using the Open Source code developped by The EyeWriter Initiative.

Picture taken from The EyeWriter Initiative website.

See you soon. Lot of new&cool stuff in the coming weeks.

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