Structured Light

Most of the articles I posted on the blog didn't appear on this page. I'm reposting most of my research - the date of the post is irrelevant.

At the begining of the year I was really interested in recreating a 3D, virtual environment from reality. Apart from a 3D model, I was looking for a system which could do it live - or almost, and only computer generated.
I knew they're using laser scan in museums for example but apart of being exensive, it's still quite a complicated process et it doesn't allow to scan a moving scene.
At this point, still making some reseach on "future gaming experience", directly embeded in our environment - kind of alternative of augmented reality - , I found the structured light process and started to experiment with it using a projector, a camera, and a computer generating the pattern projected, recording and processing the data with Openframeworks (Kyle McDonald).

"Sructured light is the process of projecting a known pattern of pixels (often grids, colors gradient or horizontal bars) on to a scene. The way that these deform when striking surfaces allows vision systems to calculate the depth and surface information of the objects in the scene, as used in structured light 3D scanners."

Final outcome - Computer generated cloud of points

Color gradient pattern.

Stripe pattern.

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