Control module - electronic

Short post about the electronic which will be embedded in the control module : the glove.
I'll post a selection of drawings / rough design soon. The glove will be constituted of two fingers, leaving the thumb free, and a structure half rigid around the hand. The palm will allow some flexibility and an Arduino Duemilanove board will settle on the top of the hand (probably in a small box, something similar to the helmet in terms of design).
From the Arduino, four flexible wires will go through the fingers and will be connected to two flexible force/pressure sensors, one for each finger, which will be activated thanks to a pression with the thumb.
Even if I'm not going to create different kind of sensors for the glove, I wanted to make the whole system able to evolve easily. The two sensors will not be solded to the wires, there will be a small plug on the top of the nail allowing different kind of physical sensors/modules connected to the Arduino board.
Finally, the glove will be connected with a USB cable to the computer. I can't afford an IR or Bluetooth wireless data transfer but, at least, if someone ask : it's possible.

Very basic picture of my circuit using only one force sensor

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