Helmet Design - Concept

I started the development of the helmet !
I'm still at an early stage of the making process which is more focus on drawing the blueprint and material research. I have to determine what I'm going to use to fill it inside, for the outer part, the head support, weight, size, enough space for the electronic embeded, cables and maybe a cooling system due to the heat generated by the electronic.
I'll try to post a kind of "step-by-step" making process from now if anyone could be interested to build his own.
This first post is just an introduction with few drawings and the amazing work of UnitedNude on products design - from shoes to Lamborghinis.
The digital conversion of reality results in a loss of datas, the environment is simplified and new behaviours are unlocked. However, my project is not only about constraining : I'm constraining the user in a playful way, the kind of challenge you encounter in a video game for example. In addition, the user is offered a set of technological tools to enable new functionalities (such as 3D scanning, object recognition and multiple sensors which could be adapted with different modules).

UnitedNude - Lo Res's design statement :

" Lo Res is short for low resolution, with resolution meaning the amount of information per area. Most commonly used to describe two-dimensional information like images or a computer screen. The description is then for instance in dots per inch (DPI). For the United Nude Lo Res project we are looking at three-dimensional (3D) resolutions. Each object can be described by a series of 3D points and when connecting these points describing the shape of an object, triangles appear. When there are many points (speaking of a high 3D resolution) the triangles are so small that they make the shape appear smooth. Lowering the 3D resolution (meaning less points and therefore bigger triangles), the object becomes more fragmented changing its character in the process, we call this Lo Res. "


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