Vision Update - Interim show

How would you act if a computer had replaced your vision ? Constrained, you would learn new languages and new ways of interaction. You would then quickly develop new skills and attitude.
My project is about constraining the user's behaviour by studying and modifying it. Then I am replacing his vision thanks to a set of technological tools. Light, time and space can be distorted, replaced, redefined, having the user experience his own environment with a brand new point of view.

The interim show is always a bit tricky for Digital Media students. Presenting only concepts and early tech demos of our projects is quite difficult compared to graphic design and illustration students for example.
Even if my final project will include an Helmet, replacing the vision of the user thanks to LCD glasses and a kinect module, I decided to present a serie of poster and a video. I'll not use these materials in further development of my project but the idea was to create an atmosphere to engage the visitors of the gallery to give feedback and ideas, kind of brainstorming conversation about the future of vision.
The posters were about the experimentation I did with video (slitscan for example), distorting time and space in video thanks to after effect and processing. The video was a compilation of these experiments mixed with movies, science and technology references in a direct reference to SciFi movies. I made the choice to didn't present the kinect demo for example, in order not to focus the attention of the visitors on this technology given me quite a wide panel of ideas and critiques on the development of my project.

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