Vision Update - Helmet + Modules

Quick updated abstract of the whole helmet + modules suit.
There are 4 differents parts.
  • 1 - The Helmet. This is the major piece of the suit. The helmet has been design to attract the user, with direct reference to SciFi movies and gameplay, it communicates about the concept of the project without any digital experience. Putting something opaque on your head which blind you in not really usual. With LCD video glasses embedded, it provides a the new vision according to the 3 others elements.
  • 2 - The captor. Using the Microsoft's Kinect, the visor will provide a real time 3D directional scan of the environment. The helmet will diplay the 3D environment, replacing our light-based vision by an InfraRed-based vision. This new IR vision allows a new perception of perspective by allowing the user to change is point of view in the scene, to rotate around objects and access to inaccessible places, even in a total darkness, thanks to IR specificities.
  • 3 - The gloves. Replacing your vision thanks to technology is something, enhancing the human vision is something else. The suit is meant to replace the vision of the user - and constrain in a way - but, on the other hand, it provides a new experience. Admitting that the human eye is a much better "captor" than any kind of digital cameras, I had to work on the possibility to reveal something normally hidden. This is the purpose of the gloves which will work very closely with the visor, allowing the user to rotate a camera in the 3D scene scanned in real time and modify is point of view in the environment.
  • 4 - Computer. A laptop is needed to centralize and process all the datas from the helmet, control and captor modules. It will be located in a backpack, also providing an external battery to make the suit portable.

The next post will detail the user's experience and gameplay issues.

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