Gameplay, user experience.

I understand that wearing the "vision update suit" (work in progress title...) might be a bit scary for the user. "What's inside this helmet ? How is it going to modify my vision ? Will I still be able to move normally ?" .. There are dozen of questions of this kind and each of them is a challenge for my project. The suit is meant to be fun, the experience at least, that's why I definitely choose to go for the game and movie reference in the design - and also in the user's experience.

After reading articles about Gameplay design and Narrative environments, I tried to formulate the gameplay mecanism of my project (detailled in the picture below).
In order to appeal the user to continue the "game" and fully experience the potential of the suit, I need to formulate clear goals to acheive with objectives increasing in difficulty and finally, rewards after each completed objectives. The basis of game design actually.
Not yet a real narrative or clearly defined scenario but at least key gameplay mecanisms.

On the other hand, I'm also considering using the environment and external devices such as speakers to guide the user through the environment.
The vision provided by the helmet is very simplified and doesn't allow to experience the textures of objects but focus more on the geometrical render of environment.
The user has to be clearly guided to specific areas of interest in the environment. To achieve this, I have different ideas, the one I'm considering the most is providing an external audio experience. A real Ariadne's thread thanks to a series of speakers (or objects emitting sound) separating the environment in 3 distinct zones.
1- The "no-audio" zone. The user is free to discover his environment with no external informations.
2- The "audible" zone. The user hears a sound and is guided to a specific area in the environment to determine where is the source.
3- The "understandable" zone. Once the audio source located, the user is able to understand the content related to the environment, providing objectives to complete using the suit's capacities.
In this context, the user is evolving from one point to the other, experiencing something different at each point.

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