Glove - pattern cutting + electronic

Still working like an octopus : 2 days are dedicated to the helmet at the workshop (next post will show the progress of the mold before the plastic vacuum forming).
After working on the electronic embeded into the glove, I started the making process of the glove itself in collaboration with Anais Bordier, student in Fashion Design with Marketing at CSM.
I started with very simple sketches. The glove has to be as simple as possible and has to be uni-size. From the final sketch we started the pattern cutting of each piece.
The making process of a glove is actually very complicated and need a lot of differents parts which has to be extremely precise to fit anyone's hand.
We started the prototype which is meant to be finished this week. I feel quite happy with the actual design. I'll go to the "fabric shop" on friday to choose the differents materials which will consititute the final object to provide a nice glove, resistant enough to support the Arduino board and the electronic. Once again, I'm trying to extend my original field of design into a multidisciplinary project by taking into account other considerations such as fashion designer's one to create a nice object, appealing, breathable and wearable, meanwhile communicating well with the helmet and the other parts of my project. Exciting stuff.

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