Helmet Design - Part 5

All the pieces of MDF are now cut at the right shapes, at the right angles. 21 differents pieces for a total of 65 angles... and everything as to stick together with no more than a millimeters of gap for the whole helmet.
The helmet is now divided into two differents pieces, the bottom and the upper part, which will be vaccum formed separately then weld it together to create the final helmet.
The bottom mold is now done, I just have to correct it with filler then re-sand it before creating the final plastic mold. The upper part is a bit more tricky to acheive because it has to be done according to the shape of the lower part. The two has to stick perfectly together with no gaps possible. That's why I'm waiting for the first part to be completely dry to make any correction on the upper part.
Picture below, more to come tomorrow.

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